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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to Blogging!

Well after 4 months of hiatus from blogging I am back on public demand.( A little bit of self praise never hurt anyone, right?) :).

A new year has come by bringing with it new hopes and of course once more time for those resolutions which are the hardest to abide by and will invariably be breached at some point of time.Last year was not all that great for me , I had to quit my job, travel abroad and did not succeed in getting another job also. But I am optimistic and looking forward to this year and all the things it has in store for me.

On that note wish everyone a very wonderful year ahead!! There is only one life, live it to the fullest!!


  • Welcome back . Beg to differ on your last line . Methinks, There is also Death. ( Couldnt resist picking on the typo ) .

    By Blogger Sachin R K, at 3:14 PM  

  • Which typo..:P..

    There is always edit option!!

    By Blogger Chitra Shenoy, at 9:12 AM  

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