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Friday, February 25, 2005

Thoughts of a loser

Alone I sit at this juncture
With no one to depend on
Reflecting upon the memories
That keep me go on

Silver spoon in mouth I was born
With all luxuries at my feet
My wayward ways made me a loser
And,there!I accept my defeat

I had a time of prosperity
When luck was at its peak
Lost are the days of fortune
Everything seems so dull and bleak

I had a lot of friends
Who promised to be with me till the end
Cannot find a trace of them now
No love,no regards send

Shivering,in these streets I sit
Wondering what has happened to me
There is no way out from here
It is dark as far as I can see

No where to go,nothing to do
No vision of good tomorrow
I try to close my eyes and sleep
I am haunted by nightmares in a row

Wrecked and drained I am sitting now
One of the unfortunate lots
Waiting for some ray of hope
To ward off my dreadful thoughts