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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


My heart was bleeding inch by inch
Even now ; can I feel the pinch
Hear Sire, what I unfold
A story of friendship never told

I had a friend years back
Never thought his mind was so black
In him I had placed my trust
Truth was different , say , I must

Worthy aide, beloved guide
Under this facade did he hide
He made deal with an enemy of mine
For just a few pieces of dime

Pray what seized him that moment
For his soul he had lent
To the dark tempatation of money
And gone all mad and looney

Etched in my mind is the dark chilly night
Where I almost saw my end at sight
For my trusted friend had stabbed on my heart
Shocked I was, could not even alert

I lay in the pool of blood like a corpse
With a faint glimpse of an aide without remorse
It would have been my last day
If a good Samaritan did not come my way

So here I sit and narrate the tale
Of a trust misplaced, Of a man who failed
Never seen that friend again
Who betrayed a friend for a gain

Kindly listen to me O Sire
Pure friendship is so rare
Trust your friend no doubt on this
See who he is and what mind is his!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

India Divided

If you ask me what is the biggest threat our nation faces you might answer terrorism.But sorry guys, the threat is within this nation and is all set to consume the nation if it grows at such alarming rates. And the threat is 'REGIONALISM' , in fact narrow minded regionalism which is forcing us to sling mud at each other and grab each other's throats even over sharing natural resources the country is blessed with.

Bal Thackeray expresses his dissatisfaction and angst on non Marathis invading Mumbai.He expresses his apprehensions on whether Marathi culture will be lost.Kannada activists rallly to make Kannada compulsory in schools. In Tamil Nadu Government decides to make all court proceedings in Tamil. ULFA asks all Hindi speaking people to leave Assam or face dire consequences.

These are some images of our rising , shining India. If you thought in 21st cetury India; language, religion and caste were a thing of past, think again.Call it a political gimmick or whatever it is pathetic that even educated people are victims to this unhealthy trend.People are just too proud of their state and its culture and history. I am not saying you should not be proud, but where do you draw the line between being proud and forcing the culture on people who have come from other states generally termed as 'outsiders'.Why should a person be considered outsider when he is also as much Indian as you are.

May be I feel this way as I have no state to call my own. My mother tongue Konkani is of Goan origin, but I was born and brought up in Kerala, did higher studies in Karnataka, worked in Maharashtra for some time, got married to a Tamilnadu guy and again back in Karanataka.So I am an outsider here.When I go to my home state Kerala I am an outsider there also as I had left Kerala 8 years back.In Maharshtra and Tamil Nadu also I am an outsider.In Goa also I am an outsider as my forefathers had fled that place centuries back during Portugese invasion.So basically I am a person suffering from an identity crisis.I am neither a Goan nor Mallu nor Tamil nor Marathi nor Hindi nor Kannadiga.

My house owner was once blaming all outsiders for Kannadigas not getting job. But when it comes to receiving 10 grants of rent every month the outsider tag is inconspicuous I guess. Why are people being hypocrites I dont understand.I do understand Kannada and can manage to pull off a bit of spoken Kannada as well. But expecting me to be an expert of the language is too much I feel. The same goes with all states. Just because some megalomaniac politicians raise a hue and cry,why should we master all languages and why should the so called locals line up with arms to get rid of outsiders.India as a whole belongs to all of us and we should have the freedom to live where ever we want and do our job.

If IT was there in Kerala, probably I would not have been here at all.But what can be done if people have to leave their homes due to circumstantial pressures and come to alien places.Instead of welcoming them , do we raise our voice and blame them for all the sad plight of our state.I cant agree at all. Are we a nation stupid enough to be instigated by selfish politicians for their selfish motives.I would not like to believe so.

India belongs to all of us irrespective of language, caste or creed.Instead of channeling our energies in fuelling regionalism and showing animosity towards people of other states, cant we use it for the wholesome development of our nation.Whether we work in Karanataka or Maharashtra or Delhi or Gujarat what matters is what we can do to put our nation in the path of progress.It requires a lot of effort may be, but not impossible.

Please stop harbouring ill feelings towards each other and over reacting on trivial issues related to language, caste and religion.Rise beyond the shackles of regional interests, stop acting like fanatics and take the nation forward!!