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Monday, January 23, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

You see people who are dressed in the queerest attires, doing all possible gymnastics with the mike, crooning and swaying to their own tunes, reacting like characters you see on Cartoon Network( I guess it all started with Sushmita Sen's big O expression when she won the Miss Universe crown), shedding tears at the drop of a hat etc etc..
Hey, you are in no wonderland my friend.Welcome to the world of reality shows.This seems to be the latest buzz word in our television industry.

The television channels seem to have taken the word 'entertainment' tad too serious I feel.Every channel is bombarded with some reality show or the other. This is in addition to the regular 'saas bahu' soaps which have become so predictable, boring and monotonous and of course brain damaging.You aspire to be a singer, dancer, choroeographer,comedian, millionaire or anything else you could think of, you have it all here.

Talent shows have everything but talent.There might be genuinely talented people, but mostly it is the style, glitz and glamour and ability to do a thousand expressions with that one face that helps in the long run.The reactions of the contestants are so perfectly timed,well rehearsed and irritating to the nth degree, I swear!! Looks like the world is thriving on artificiality.And the worst part is people are actually glued to all these programs.They SMS/Call/mail the contestants, give them the required boost,make and break them and even be present on the spot to cheer them up!Well well people seem to have all the time in the world.

Are these programs worth the hype they create? Unfortunately NO is the answer.May be I sound like a person who is totally disinterested in watching TV or a snob who is upto bashing all people who aspire to make it BIG("Making it BIG" is one more thing which is doing the rounds).But in reality, it took me all my strength to resist myself from writing about the reality shows, still I could not.May be I should get immune to the utter non sense that the televisions are dishing out now-a-days in an attempt to keep up the competitive spirit..well..huh...if at all it is worth competing.Till then let me keep my brain aside and tune into the latest reality show on the "Idiot Box"...