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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bollywood Hungama!!!

I have lost interest to watch our very own Bollywood movies off late.The following are the reasons I attribute this disinterest to.
1) All films are subset or superset of some other films.There is no genuine story or the story line is ripped off from some Hollywood flick or the storyline is completely overshadowed by songs and actions.Gone are the days when the power of stories were overwhelming.Some films which have good story lines do manage to gather moolah( Very rarely does a different fare score well), but some of the very good films which are issue based just come and go like a whiff of wind. And Love stories( Triangular, quadrilateral or whatever) and family dramas are not the only stories in this world,for Heaven's sake.

2)The common man has ceased to appear in movies.Barring some movies, all the philums have VRFBBC( Very Rich Foreign Born Brand conscious) people.I guess Indians have stopped being born in India. It looks like it is a necessity that they have to dance around trees and streets in foreign countries as if there are no trees and streets in India.OOPs! I forgot, they are all VRFBBC.So how will they know about a country like India where millions of common people struggle each day to make ends meet.
Even if the story is about some fisherman and his wife who live in some remote place, they have to dance in Switzerland for their dreams to come true.The film stars, in short are playing themselves in their movies with all those designer labels and designer cars and etc etc.

3)And why in the world do we need item numbers to pull off a movie.I dont know what value do skimpily clad females gyrating to equally outrageous tunes add to any movie.The bottomline is as simple as this.No one wants to even try anything different.They are happy if the tried and tested Masala methods bring in the moolah.And 'ITEM' girls are equally happy to be the 'centre of attraction' in a very forgettable movie.

4) Every 4 out of 5 songs in Bollywood are sung by Himesh Reshamiyya giving other singers a run for their money.He croons every other song he directs.I frankly cant even differentiate one song from another.Okay, some songs have become hit, that does not mean he has to unleash his nasal vocal chords on the people of India, in every song he directs. May be that is poular music, but puleezzz, it has reached saturation level.I really crave for some of the olden goldies which had meaningful lyrics and sweet melodies.

5)Starry tantrums are really going overboard.I really cant tolerate the way some film stars with no acting skills and dare-to-bare attitude are conducting themselves.They just want all the attraction and fanfare to be intact.But seldom do they raise voice or express compassion for the millions of people suffering in our country.And how I hate the cat fights between actors and the 'me holier than thou' attitudes.Definitely a turn-off!!And I hate those newspapers also who praise these stars as if they are the second best thing, next to Big Bang, to happen in this world.

Some examples of star talk:
'I am doing a very different role in this movie' - This role is as old as the age of earth itself.This has been done umpteen times by umpteen actors in umpteen movies.
'They were looking for a fresh and innocent face' - Good you kept the make up on, else they would have changed their mind.
'I am not exposing, I am wearing clothes aesthetically' - whom are these people trying to emulate,If this is dressing aesthetic, then common people all dress crudely.
'I love to shop in London malls' - Yes sure, if you have that kind of money why not
'My favourite vacation spot is Paris ' - another show of opulence, if u take crores per film, u can travel the whole of world, what big deal
'He is such a darling.he does anything for friends' - says an actress on an actor who is booked for multiple offences - including killing people?? How can such people have sympathy for co actors, but no heart for the people he killed.May be money buys friendship and make people forget their basic moral responsibilties.
'I am thankfully blessed with a good body, I dont need to exercise at all' - what about the personal fitness trainer who does rounds in your house.Please be honest enough to admit what you are indulging in.
'I am hot, whats wrong in what I do.' - Have these people heard of one eight letter word in English called HUMILITY.Well with such arrogance, I bet they would not have.

I am really and absolutely fed up of hearing all this crap, artificial stuff, I am even correlating the reel life and real life( which ceases to be different in 95% cases) and end result - I am not willing to spend my hard earned money to see some meaningless acting, melodiless songs and sidey storyline if at all there is one.May be when some good movie comes in I will go and watch it for the movie sake, if not for the actors. I hope people make more issue based movies than the usual song-dance-melodrama routine which for God's sake does not make any one weep.Its time our Bollywood started using Cinema as a channel to voice peoples views, rather than their own one sided views about life and living.

Hope we get more good and strong movies and more sensible and responsible actors!!