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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Banoongi Nahin Mein Miss India!

One more Miss India has come and gone and some beauties with 'Brains' have walked away to glory with the titles. Was there something new this year, well, I just had a glimpse and in 10 minutes I knew it was full of glitz and glamour and usual cliched answers and usual questions. Those who won have got a shortcut to shake a leg in Bollywood movies.Thats all what is this high profile event has been reduced to - a sham.

Not only Miss India all beauty contests are just over the top , all style and no substance. I saw in one Mega model hunt ad in paper, they are calling for women whose minimum height is 5 ' 8 ". The average height of an Indian woman is 5' 2" or 5' 3", but who cares for an average Indian woman. Who cares for the woman who works in 8 houses to feed her family or hops 2-3 buses to reach office after finishing household chores.They dont have attitude you see.

The contestants in such contests look the same, same anorexic body which is supposedly 36-24-36, the magic figure most girls die for!And without make up some of them looked really horrible to say the least. In fact anyone looks good when one gets to wear good clothes and gets groomed by experts.I am not intending to demean anyone, may be it is their choice to be in the glamour field, but projecting this artificial event as India's showcase to outside world is absolutely wrong.And what is irritating is the artificial reactions that the contestants have perfected in the last few years.Also its not for people who cant expose their bodies in front of millions.I am sure the men who enjoy watching all this are not so broad minded to have their sisters or daughters sashaying in such skimpy clothes. I am not sure how much have the Miss Universes and Miss Worlds done is increasing awareness on global issues like poverty, AIDS, equality of women etc. I mean for one year they do some charity work, but mostly all of them end up in Bollywood immediately after that.

May be Miss India is just a passport to better things in the respective people's life. But I cant agree to statements like it essentially reflects the free spirit of the emerging Indian woman whereas the real Indian woman is far removed from all this. She is still coy, has to obey the males in her family, has to do menial jobs to feed her family, has to run from pillar to post to get her children a good life. They are the real 'Miss' and 'Mrs' Indias.They dont have garments designed by top class designers nor branded jewellery or designer shoes . They just have their confidence( not boosted by any trainers) and their vision to live a respectable life as their assets.I would prefer the anonymity of a nameless woman who has the ability to take on each day single handedly without any formal training rather than people telling me how to talk, walk and smile.

Note : I just could not resist writing this article. In some channel I saw images of some personal trainers for the contest interrogating the girls as to why they deviated from the diet perscribed to them. Why they ordered Roti and Idli from hotel, instead of salads. So what is it they were trying to prove, the measures of your body are far more important than what kind of person you are and you are going to become Miss India because you belong to the type hyped by some people. I cant disagree more!