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Monday, December 11, 2006

India 'not' shining

How long before India becomes a super power.I really want to laugh this question off as in the heart of my heart I know this is never going to happen.Dont believe it?The brouhaha about fastest growing economy and world's 8th largest economy and all other hype surrounding this conceals the ground reality here.The real fact is India is a crippled nation.Crippled due to so many reasons, some of which could have been avoided altogether.

India's economy may be booming , all thanks to IT and other industries, but what about the hundreds of farmers who commit suicide in different parts of the country, some for paltry debt amounts.Why is the disparity between the rich and poor so stark in the fastest growing economy.How long before we stop farmers from committing suicide.How long before we introduce agrarian reforms and ensure middle men dont eat away the profits.How long before the relief package intended for the farmers finds its way to the deserving rather than to the pockets of the unscrupulous and exploitative political goons.How long before we educate the poor and improve conditions of Government schools.How long before we eliminate illiteracy from the Indian heartland.How long before we empower villagers with self reliant jobs.How long before we introduce electricity and safe drinking water to the still inaccessible and remote places.How long before we eliminate poverty, child labour and exploitation of the weak.How long before we save women from the throes of discrimination and prevent female infanticide.How long before we abolish caste system and drive superstitions and blind beliefs out of this country.How long before we have good governance in place without bribery in any system of bureaucracy.How long before we get educated and sensible administrators rather than uncivilised criminals.How long before we stop the mighty and rich from taking law in their hands and escaping unscathed.How long before we abolish quotas and give importance to only talent.How long before we do away with appeasements and lay our focus on the wholesome development of the country.How long before we improve infrastructure and repair roads so that our cities and towns come to world class standard.How long before we provide protection to citizens without being hand in glove with criminals and thieves.How long before we shed our narrow minded regionalism and think of our nation as one.How long before we show an iron fist on terrorism than nurturing soft spot on terrorists.How long before we learn to keep our environment clean and learn the importance of preserving public property.How long before we stop strikes for the silliest reasons and learn that work is worship.How long before we stop going on a public property destruction spree at the drop of a hat.

I can go on and on about all these, but how long before we shed away our 'chalta hai' attitude and march towards righteousness.If we dont have any answer for the questions asked above, I have to say outright that India is not shining.Unless we do a total makeover of this place, the rules, the people and embrace atleast some virtues and genuinely work towards the goal of becoming super power , we will remain the same way years later also.The rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. Forget about shining, India has to rise first to shine.Hoping that one day it will rise and one day it will shine too.